Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities indicate that a Murid may be ready for the Coordinator-in-Training program?

This step may be indicated in a Murid who shows signs of interest and aptitude for: 1. Leading meditation classes, Gatha and other public classes where they are able to articulate basic teachings of the Inayati Order; or further the work of their local Center by contributing their existing organizational, financial, technology, public relations, or other skills. 2. A commitment to unceasing personal transformation through the path offered by the Inayati Order to better serve humanity. 3. A capacity to sufficiently assimilate the teachings of the Inayati Order so as to be able to express them with integrity. Completion of Suluk Academy is also a recommendation.

What is required for appointment as a Coordinator?

Successful completion of the CIT program, as well as initiation to the 4th level and completion of a personal retreat of 5 days under the guidance of an Inayati Order Retreat Guide, and finally, an official appointment letter from the Vice President of the Esoteric School of the Inayati Order.

For a complete description see Role and Qualifications for Coordinator Appointment.

What is the difference between a Representative and a Guide?

Both Representatives and Guides are authorized by the Inayati Order to give individual guidance to Murids. Guiding Murids is a one-on-one sacred relationship where practices are prescribed for the support and spiritual unfoldment of the Murid, which is a key activity of the esoteric school, from time immemorial.

Representatives, additionally, are expected to lead classes in an Inayati Order Center or in public, and may be identified as an Inayati Order teacher. They also are responsible in whole or in part for a local Center of the Inayati Order. The knowledge of the teachings of the Inayati Order that a Representative has is qualitatively deeper than that of a Coordinator, and is expected to be reflected in the teachings that they offer.

Guides differ from Representatives in that they have no local Center for which they have or share responsibility. Having no responsibility for a Center, they also usually do not teach public classes, though they are qualified to do so if they wish. The knowledge of the teachings by a Guide is to the same depth as that of a Representative.

For more information on these two roles, please see the Roles and Qualifications for Representatives and Guides.

What qualities indicate a Murid may be ready to enter the Representative-in-Training program?

The Murid should already be an experienced Coordinator. They have a deep attunement to the teachers, practices, and teachings of the Inayati Order. The Murid participates in leadership trainings offered by the Inayati Order, including taking some of the Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules and leadership retreats. They have increased their skills in teaching meditation, Gatha and public classes, and have been involved in a local Inayati Order Center. They have an interest and aptitude in guiding Murids, show potential for realizing spiritual intuition and magnetism, and have a marked sensitivity in working with people.

What is required for appointment as a Representative or Guide?

Representatives and Guides are appointed by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan after having successfully completed the Representative-in-Training program, have received initiation to at least the 7th level, have completed a 10-day personal retreat guided by an Inayati Order Retreat Guide, and finally, an official appointment letter from  Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, President of the Esoteric School of the Inayati Order.

For a complete description see Roles and Qualifications for Representatives and Guides.

What is a Leadership Training Advisor?

Advisors are a select group of experienced Representatives who review the Guides’ recommendation for leadership candidates, review, approve, or deny leadership training applications, and help ensure the trainee successfully completes the training.

What is a Leadership Training Mentor?

Mentors are a select group of experienced Representatives who guide trainees in the training process and have primary responsibility for ensuring that the trainee successfully completes the training. They have regular individual contact with the trainee, and develops with them the specifics of their training program.

What are the Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules?

Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules are units of comprehensive curricula on foundational practices and attunements of the Inayati Order Esoteric School. They are taught by select experienced Representatives, usually in a two-day seminar format, and have an extensive manual that is given upon successful completion that may be used as reference in doing leadership work. The manuals are not for public distribution. Modules are only available to Coordinators, Representatives and Guides, or by special invitation. They are part of the ongoing teacher training for existing leaders, and are required in the Representative-in-Training program. Currently, there are Modules on Breath, Concentration, Contemplation, Meditation, and Guidance; modules on Light and Sound are forthcoming.

What is Suluk Academy?

It is highly recommended for leaders and leaders-in-training to complete Suluk Academy. This school is a two-year residential program taught by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan and other teachers steeped in the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. It gives an excellent experience of the foundational teachings and practices, and in-depth training in meditation. For more information, see Suluk Academy.

What is a Retreat Guide?

A Retreat Guide is authorized by the Inayati Order Esoteric School to guide individual retreats. They will have successfully completed the Retreat Guide Training Program in order to receive their appointment.

The Retreat Guide Training is a program which is especially recommended for those who love the retreat process and would like training in guiding retreats. It is also recommended as a valuable adjunct to the Representative-in-Training program. It is a 2-year program which expands upon the understanding of the process of transformation experienced on the spiritual path, practices which support the Murid through these transitions, and intuition practices which enrich the Guide’s understanding of the Murid. For more information on this, please use the contact form on this site.

What are some practical considerations before taking the Leadership training?

The Coordinator-in-Training and Representative-in-Training programs usually take at least one year, meeting about one hour per month. There is daily homework, which will require about 30 minutes, as well as a block of time (several hours) per month. There is no charge for the training given by the Mentor; it is a “gift of the heart” freely offered from teacher to student.

There are some requirements and opportunities which will have a fee. It is customary to pay retreat guides, so there will be a cost to fulfill the personal retreat requirements. The Inayati Order Leadership Training Modules also have a fee, as do other retreats and seminars which may be recommended as part of a Murid’s training.

Suluk Academy is recommended for those on the leadership track. There is a tuition for this program and a quarterly residential time commitment.

Retreat Guide Training also has a suggested donation and a 2-year time commitment.

What are the Ethical Policies for Leaders?

The Inayati Order has established financial and behavioral ethical guidelines and expectations for those in leadership roles of teaching, guiding, and organization. Click the links to download or view these documents as PDFs.

How long are Leaders in their roles after appointment?

Leaders are expected to fulfill their roles as long as their life situation allows. A leader who needs to take a break from, or end their leadership responsibilities, should notify the Vice President and Esoteric Secretary. If they are guiding Murids, they should ensure that their Murids are notified and transitioned to new guides.

Who do I contact for questions?

If you are considering applying for training, you can speak with your Inayati Order spiritual guide to decide whether training is appropriate for you. As you go through the application process, you can ask your guide and/or your Advisor for assistance. Once you begin training, your Mentor will work with you and support you through the program.

You can also contact the Leadership Training program at any time using the contact form.