Coordinator Training

If you are a Murid in the Inayati Order who feels called to lead classes, meditations and prayers, becoming a Coordinator will develop your experience with the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan so that you can confidently share them with others. It will also support you in working with the administrative side of the Inayati Order, helping you to start or contribute to a local Center. 

How to Become a Coordinator

1. If you are thinking of becoming a Coordinator, we invite you to read more about the role and its responsibilities and qualificationsAfter that, the next step is to discuss with your Guide whether being a Coordinator is appropriate for you.

2. To enter into Coordinator training, your Guide will first submit a Nomination for Training Formwhich introduces you to a Leadership Training Advisor, who will review your nomination. The nomination form allows you to choose your Advisor if you have a preference; otherwise one will be assigned to you. Your Advisor will confer with the Vice President of the Esoteric School to decide if your application to the Coordinator-in-Training program should proceed.

3. If the answer is yes, your Advisor will contact you with an invitation to apply online. During the application process, you will gather a second letter of recommendation, answer a questionnaire, provide a short sample of your leading a class, provide a photo, and sign the Inayati Order ethics agreement. The role of Advisor is designed to help you throughout the application process, and you are encouraged to seek support from your Guide as well.

4. Once your application is submitted and approved, you will begin the Coordinator-in-Training program with the Mentor you chose during the application process. Your Mentor will work directly with you to identify areas of focus to broaden and deepen your experience with the teachings, and your skill in teaching them. Although the training is different for each individual depending on their existing knowledge and experience, there is a core set of practices and teachings that all Coordinators are expected to know at the end of their training. This training is intended to be an enjoyable and fulfilling process meant to support and prepare you for serving and teaching classes to others with confidence.

Once you complete your training, you will be appointed as an Inayati Order Coordinator by the Vice President of the Esoteric School.

Step One

If you are interested in becoming a Coordinator, the first step is to learn more about the role and its responsibilities and qualifications.
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